About Rock Steady Boxing STL Crestwood

We are excited to announce that BOX BACK PARKINSONS, DBA Rock Steady Boxing STL-Crestwood is now a Not for Profit 501 C-3!!

We are learning every day that there are ways in which people with Parkinson’s disease can enhance their daily quality of life and even build impressive power, strength, flexibility and speed! By exercising with Coaches who know the ropes, you can fight your way out of the corner and start to feel and function better. Boxing works by moving your body in all planes of motion while continuously changing the routine as you progress through the workout. These classes have proven that anyone, at any level of Parkinson’s, can actually lessen their symptoms and lead a healthier/happier life. Call us today!


Renee Nistler
Certified NASM (CPT, GFS, SAQ, CRSP), Certified RSB Coach, & Certified Spinning® Instructor

Graduated from University of Tulsa with a bachelors degree. She worked 23 years in the corporate environment, primarily in information technology for the healthcare industry. Her personal belief is that physical activity should be something you enjoy and that increases overall happiness in your life. Pursuing her second career, she is applying her passion for health & fitness to help others experience the overall mind & body wellness achieved by challenging ourselves to reach beyond our expectations.

She is looking forward helping the Rock Steady Boxing Program become accessible to the St. Louis community members and improving the lives of those around us.

Jennifer Smith
Certified RSB Coach

Born in Annapolis, MD, Jennifer moved to St. Louis in 1977 and has been actively involved in sports here all of her adult life. She played competitive tennis and was the General Manager of a tennis club in the metro area for 12 years.

She started the girls lacrosse program at Parkway West High School and coached them for 7 years. Her continued interest in exercise and setting new goals lead to her passion for the martial arts. After achieving her black belt in karate, Jennifer taught students of all ages karate and kickboxing. She has reached the 4th degree level. Combining her love of sports with a sincere interest in helping others, Rock Steady Boxing is the perfect fit.

Linda Poth
Registered Nurse, RSB Certified Coach

Linda has worked in nursing for 35 years in a variety of areas (orthopedic, medical/surgical, home health and currently working as a hospice nurse. She has always incorporated exercise as part of her daily routine and has been able to see first hand the benefits of exercise for her patients, throughout her professional career. Linda has been able to participate in the Parkinson's Support Group with her job and expand her knowledge of the resources available in our community.

Linda says she feels so very fortunate to be part of Rock Steady Boxing, the boxers inspire her at each and every workout. What a privilege to fight Parkinson's with these courageous, dynamic and most of all FUN group of people!!!

Laurie McKenna
Certified RSB Coach

I have been married to my husband, Mick, for almost 30 years, and we have four great kiddos, Michael and his wife Lisa, Matt, Mitch and Maggie. No grand babies yet, but I do have a grand dog, Seamus, who I love to the moon and back. Each of them make my world a brighter place just because they are in it! I have had my own little house cleaning business since my kids were small, which has afforded me the opportunity to make my own hours and always be available for my family.

About a year ago, I began an exercise program that includes circuit training, weight training and kick boxing. The workouts are intense and force me to push myself to my limits and beyond each and every time. I believe that It is because I began this training program a year ago that I can now contribute as a coach to Rock Steady Boxing.

As I said earlier, my son Michael is married to his wife Lisa. Lisa is the daughter of boxer, Terry LeGrand. It is through Terry that I became involved in Rock Steady Boxing. I originally intended to volunteer here at Rock Steady, when Dot approached my sister, Linda and myself about becoming certified as coaches. The experience in Indy while getting trained was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. The determination and spirit of the fighters there had such a profound impact on me.

Well, the determination and spirit I witnessed in Indy is nothing compared to what I see here at Rock Steady Boxing Crestwood every time I'm here! I can't count the number of times I've been brought to tears by the fighters who walk through these doors every time they achieve another milestone. The sky is the limit for our boxers! I am so blessed to be a part of it!

Kelly Lashley
Physical Therapist

A Saturday volunteer since March, who heard about Rock Steady from the friend of a friend. She says that she was immediately impressed by the enthusiasm of the boxers and the other staff.

Kelly has worked as a physical therapist for over 30 years. For her "day job" she sees clients with all kinds of neurological problems. Over the last couple of years she has been looking to get more involved in the wellness community, and actually obtained her personal training certification through ACE. When she heard about Rock Steady she says, "It just made sense for me to use all of that clinical knowledge to support this cause, and encourage folks who really wanted to fight back."

She is a St Louis native, but has lived in Ohio, Texas, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania as her family moved with her husband's work. With an empty nest, she and Bill were able to return to St Louis in 2010. They are dedicated Cardinal fans and get out to games as often as possible.

While she admits, "I don't have an athletic bone in my body", she enjoys staying on the move with walking and bike riding. She enjoys playing the piano and organ, still doing an occasional wedding or church service. She and Bill also enjoy traveling to warm places in the middle of the winter.
Look for her on Saturday mornings!

Darlene Bonczkowski
Personal Trainer, Certified
RSB Coach

Originally for Philadelphia PA, Darlene moved to St Louis at the age of 15. She is the proud Mama of 4 amazing Kiddo’s. She may look innocent, but she raised a United States Marine.

Darlene has had a passion for fitness for as long as she can remember. From pretending to be a dance teacher in grade school to weight training in high school. Her 1st natural bodybuilding competition was at the age of 18. In her 20’s she earned a spot with the St Louis Professional Cheerleaders and Dancers. At age 30 she competed in 2 more natural bodybuilding competitions. She did well and has the trophies and sward that her kids like to show off. She even earned her 2nd Gup Red Belt in Tae Kwon Do along the way.

Darlene’s fitness career started in 1997 as a group fitness instructor teaching spinning. She followed that by becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2000 and a Certified Personal Trainer in 2001. She has taught everything from Boot Camps to Dance Fitness & TRX. In 2013 she became a RYI (Registered Yoga Instructor). All of this has allowed Darlene to meet and help individuals of all ages & abilities not only achieve but even exceed their goals and expectations.

For the past 10 years she has been the Group Fitness Director at Finney’s All N 1 Fitness in Crestwood. So, no surprise that she also brings boxing and kickboxing experience with her.

To say that Darlene is excited to be a part of Rock Steady is an understatement. Her love for fitness and desire to inspire and more importantly to empower others is what she feels she was born to do.

Erin Kaminski
Elementary Educator, Certified RSB Coach
Erin has been working in an elementary school for 20 years. Her father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 13 years ago. After he began coming to RSB he had a way to fight against his invisible opponent with courage, strength and dignity. He doesn’t give up. This program has given him so much new hope ~ she wants to be a part of encouraging and instilling that hope in others.

She also feels very blessed to be part of this team. In a world full of people who do not like their jobs, she is lucky enough to do what she loves every day. Whether she is in her classroom or at RSB. She gets to help people and feel like she is making a difference.

Her favorite part of being a coach at RSB is seeing participants do things they did not think they could do and find genuine enjoyment in what they are doing. The fact that they want to come back and that they work so hard is testament to the importance of this community in their lives. She loves being a coach because she gets to take part in this and she has an opportunity to celebrate boxer’s every day successes with them. You know that warm feeling you get when you're happy or your heart is full, that is what it's like to be a coach at RSB.

Thank you for welcoming her into your community much like you welcomed her father. She feels very personally how important the work we are doing is for each boxer and their families!

We always feel stronger when we know we are not alone!

Leslie Schmid, Physical Therapist Assistant, Certified RSB Coach

Leslie, a resident of Crestwood, Missouri, noticed the Rock Steady sign as she was shopping for groceries and on a whim, decided to drop in to see what Rock Steady Boxing was all about. Leslie has been a member of the Rock Steady family ever since the first day she walked into the facility. Mother of two and Physical Therapist Assistant, Leslie began working as a volunteer and decided to become a certified coach. PTA being a second career, Leslie treats patients with a variety of conditions, many of whom have Neurological conditions, including PD. Having a background in Marketing Research Management, Leslie was called in a new direction as a Caregiver when her parents started having serious health problems. Witnessing how PT had a profoundly positive impact on her parents, Leslie set out to find a career where she could empower people restore function and become stronger. Leslie’s experience with her mother who had Parkinson’s Disease drives her desire to help individuals with PD in the community. “I am very encouraged that we are learning more about PD, especially how to increase quality of life and slow progression of the disease. I am thrilled to be involved as current research is confirming the benefits of this program. We, the Coaches, see the benefits daily as we work at RSB. We see it our extraordinary boxers and the spirit they bring into the gym. In my new role as a PTA and RSB Coach, I end my day feeling positive and encouraged. The boxers at RSB are an endless source of inspiration and joy. I am grateful to be a part of this outstanding program and the RSB family.”

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